Tropical PL-760B

6-Person Hot Tub with 60 Jets

Features: Multi-colored LED Lighting, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone & UV Sanitizing System, 24/7 Filtration System
Dimensions: 84" X 84" X 39 1/2"

Create timeless memories with the Tropical PL-760B bench hot tub. This revolutionary hot tub combines style and comfort for all your friends and family to enjoy. The Tropical mold features 60 stainless steel candy cane jets, contoured bench seating and exclusive features that no other hot tub manufacturer can beat. A 24/7 Filtration System assures your spa water remains crystal clear for your to enjoy, while exclusive Adjustable Therapy System™ offers personalized hydrotherapy.

Seating:  x 6

Jets: x 60

Seat Type:

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